A friend Indeed

see this There is an adage that defines a friend in need as a friend in deed. Another one says “What are friends for?” The idea behind all these sayings bother on how friendship is defined by an individual; True friendship has to do with mutual trust and respect, which allows one or more people to support each other and their honorable causes. Friends must be accountable to friends in aspects of life that will promote wellness, peace and stability. How about making sure that your friend is on a good diet or even encouraging your buddy to go to the gym and shed some unholy fat? It is always amazing to see a group of friends that look so happy yet disconnected in body mass! There is somebody well toned with perfect abs, whilst another is panting and breathing so hard. If we love our friends so much, we must be willing to preserve their lives and have them around till old age. When we fear so much to hurt our friends by telling them, its time to shed  some weight and hit the gym, we end up hurting ourselves when they fall sick and sometimes have to go through painful and life threatening medical procedures. It is time to be your brother or sister’s keeper, Lets work it out, together.

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