Three Foods Not to Eat for Breakfast

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browse around these guys You’ve made the smart choice of not skipping breakfast, but what if you’re consuming foods that aren’t helping you with your fitness goals, energy level or mood. Here are three foods you should avoid and not eat for breakfast:
Muffins- These tiny cakes are loaded with sugar, white flour, butter and oil – most things that lead to weight gain. Ever notice how greasy the packaging of a muffin looks? That’s because almost half the calories are from fat. A medium sized blueberry muffin can have as much or more calories than a McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin. Muffins come loaded which sugar typically jumps start your body with huge spikes of energy but eventually leads to a crash that forces you to eat more

Cereals – Yes cereals too, They spike your blood sugar level quickly, but ever notice how you suddenly feel drained by mid-morning? For years we’ve been told cereal’s are a healthy way to start your day. Don’t be fooled! Outside of the huge amounts of sugar in Cereal, the entire process of creating these magical flakes is questionable. Much of the natural vitamins and in the grains typically don’t make it to the final product after processing. To compensate, manufacturers will add fiber and synthetic ingredients to the final product, making this one of the worst choices to start your day with.

Smoothie – Not all smoothies are made equal. It’s all about the ingredients you’re adding to your smoothie. Most store bought smoothies are nothing more that sugar flavored water. A typical store bought smoothie consists of three main ingredients, sweetened fruit juice, sugary frozen yogurt and processed fruits. To ensure you’re getting the most, or what you want out of your morning smoothie, try making your own!

Here’s a quick recipe for a healthy green smoothie

  • 1 cup spinach, fresh
  • ¼ cup water
  • ¼ cup orange juice
  • ¾ cups strawberries
  • ½ cup blueberries
  • 1 banana


Now that you’ve eliminated these foods from your breakfast routine, you’re ready to start your day off right with a healthy meal. Happy eating!